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  • Personal Insurance
  • Business/Commercial Insurance
  • Agricultural Insurance
  • Heavy Commercial Vehicle Insurance (Transporters)
  • Liability Insurance (like Professional Indemnity; Events Liability; Cyber Liability)
  • Engineering Insurance (Contractors All Risk; Plant All Risk; Machinery Breakdown, Construction Guarantees)
  • Goods in Transit Insurance
  • Aircraft Insurance
  • Boating Insurance
  • Hospitality Insurance
  • Wood risking Insurance
  • Body Corporate Insurance including Levy Insurance

We are an authorised financial service provider and licensed to provide advice and intermediary services in respect of the short term insurance contracts as defined in the Short Term Insurance Act of 1998:

Short-term insurance contracts or policies referred to in the Short Term Insurance Act 1998 purchased by natural persons acting in a personal capacity and natural persons acting in a business capacity; and

The Product Suppliers with whom we have agency agreements

We act as intermediary for the following companies:

Please note that any insurance contract that you enter into with any of the above Product Suppliers is a contract between you and them. We merely act as intermediary/broker and although we will always be available to assist you with advice and guidance, actual performance in terms of the contract will always remain the responsibility of the Product Supplier.

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